Pooja Offer Daily Lunch Buffet & Daily Dinner Buffet from Oct /1st /2016

1075 Easton Avenue,Somerset, NJ 08873
Tel: 732 220-0051 vijaykumar197562@gmail.com


Daily Dinner Buffet 5.30 to 9.00pm


Welcome to Pooja Cuisine


Welcome to Pooja Indian Cuisine

Pooja Cuisine enjoys a great reputation among all ethnic foods in the world. It has an uncanny charm, and those who try it find it rich in taste and flavor.

A common ingredient in the Indian food is a wide range of spices. The secret of Pooja cuisine is in proper use of selected spices to bring out rich flavor, aroma and character in food. By proper use of different techniques such as roasting or frying the spices whole, or grinding them to make a paste, it is possible to draw different flavors from the same spice. The popular belief that the Indian food is generally hot, is not current. By correct use of spices and ingredients, the food can be prepared to suit one’s taste.

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